Schöne Ferien! Have a great holiday!

Ich bin 2 1/2 Wochen weg und beantworte in dieser Zeit keine Anfragen oder Anmeldungen. Vielleicht sehen wir uns bei LEL

I am on holiday for 2 1/2 Weeks. During this time, I won’t be able to reply to any enquieries or registrations. See you at LEL!



En route this brevet, several ferries have to be taken.

km 340 ferry Stahlbrode- Glewitz/Rügen: Service times 6-21:00 alle 30min, first departure 6:00

km 440  ferry Wittow: Service times 5:50-21:00, first departure 5:30

km 560 ferry over the river of Warnow: service 24/7, at night every 30-60min, during the day every 20min

km 680 ferry  Privall: service 24/7, at night every 30min, during the day every 10min

There are several strategies to do this brevet considering the time tables of the first two ferries (maybe there are more, but I couldn’t think of any)

1) you pedal like hell to make it before 21:00 to the ferry Stahlbrode- Glewitz (km 340), then you do Rügen and wait at the ferry Wittow (km 440). You can make a detour to skip ferry Wittow by going back the same way after Cap Arkona

2) you skip the ferry Stahlbrode- Glewitz via Stralsund, and wait at the ferry Wittow. This ferry can be skipped as well if you arrive too early.

3) you take it easy, have a bit of sleep at night and take the first ferry in the morning at 6:00. If this ferry would be a control point, the hours would be 20:15 bis 8:40 (starting time at  10:00 in the morning) so you still would be in shedule.

4) hire a boat: this could be expensive!

5) steal a boat: this is illegal!

I opt for strategy 3, because I don’t like the idea of blowing all my fuel in the first part of the brevet. (Rember stupid: it’s a brevet, not a race). The good thing of this option: you would probably meet  other riders in the morning and perhaps join a group.

If I really feel like going all the night (which I doubt), I would skip the ferry Stahlbrode-Glewitz via Stralsund.

Wegbeschreibung/ Roadbook

Die Webbeschreibung ist so ausführlich, daß das Brevet auch ohne GPS und Glaskugel gut fahrbar ist. Randonneure, die schon in Berlin gefahren sind, können bestätigen, daß die Roadbooks auch tatsächlich verwendbar sind.  Alle Strecken sind von mir vorab per Rad abgefahren worden.

The roadbook is very detailed, so the brevet can easily be ridden without GPS. Randonneurs who did a brevet in Berlin know my roadbooks are detailed and accurate. I rode the whole brevet by bicycle to create the roadbook. You don’t get useless paper, you get a decent, usable roadbook. If you sign in in time, I provide an english version.

1000km Brevet ARA Berlin Brandenburg August 28th-31th 2013

The first 1000km Brevet of ARA Berlin Brandenburg will start on the 28th of August at 10am.
The ride is unsupported, so no accommodation or staffed control points are organized. The control points are mostly petrol stations open 24/7. Accommodation and food shouldn’t be any problem, because the area is quite touristy. There aren’t any big climbs (remember, this is North Germany!). But headwind and (only a few!) cobblestone roads will prevent the riders from falling asleep on their bikes. In addition, there are some ferries to take.
Information regarding  the ferry timetables will be provided soon.
(Thanks to Alex for proofreading)